Meet Ellie

I am a multidimensional businesswoman & mother with..


A beautiful little boy
A thriving, growing business
A wise, fun, loving human
& a lot of wild stories…

But how did I arrive here?

Meet Ellie

I am a multidimensional businesswoman & mother with..


A beautiful little boy
A thriving, growing business
A wise, fun, loving human
& a lot of wild stories…

But how did I arrive here?

My Story

After a degree in Communications & 6 years in London working both in-house and at global Brand & PR agencies, I have worked with top luxury brands such as Max Mara, Tom Ford, Temperley London & Cartier, gaining experience across brand & communications strategy. On paper, I was living the dream… Great job, being flown between fashion capitals & working at the coolest parties BUT In 2017 my life changed forever, my boyfriend ended our relationship, my brother-in-law got killed in a car accident & my mother became my angel after a 3 year battle with cancer.

I was riddled with insecurity, panic attacks to the point of not being able to travel on public transport & significant weight gain. I started reading all the self-help books, going to CBT therapy but I was hiding my fears, burying my emotions and partying for escapism. My lifestyle was eating away at my soul & after reading teachings by the Dalai Lama, I felt the call to serve more purpose in my life & left London to embark on a healing journey to India, where I found more peace, I started managing a yoga & surf retreat, exploring the spirituality of Kerala, India & healing wounds of my past trauma, (it was my eat, pray, love moment!)

During my time in India, I fell in love & gave birth to my beautiful son, Mylo. As he turned 2, it felt like the right time to launch my online business studio aimed at working mothers like me, consulting on brand strategy, social media content & PR launches. In the background I was completing the Integrative Holistic Health & Wellbeing program (IINHTCP), with the most respected online health coaching and nutrition school in the world so I could build coaching programs for mothers to thrive.

In my transition from maiden to mother, I felt the huge shifts around my identity, my mindset, my body, my health & my perception of the world. Motherhood has evolved & the support available for women is outdated & uninspiring. I craved real talk with authentic meaning, holistic practices to support me, women to guide me with a modern approach… So that's what I have created.

I have invested in myself, spent time with therapists, healers & coaches, surrounded myself with like-minded entrepreneurs, immersed in mentorships with fierce businesswomen, spent hours learning, taking courses, masterclasses & workshops. I am qualified, have professional & life experience, continuing to learn & grow as a coach so I can proudly share my knowledge with you, guide you through embodied wisdom & practices within a safe space in the pursuit of personal & business growth.

My experiences have taught me to accept myself at the core and embrace the mystery of life.


To the women I have coached & gained the below results, I am still rooting for you! 

⚡️Lost 10lbs
⚡️Highest ever income month
⚡️New-found confidence & self-belief
⚡️Increased revenue by 40% in 3 months
⚡️becoming a conscious parent
⚡️mindset shifts & set up a thriving business
⚡No more panic attacks

I am here  to empower women, I live & breathe this stuff... I feel fulfilled where I am, grateful to past versions that have brought me here & excited for what is next.  Always creating ways to serve my clients & community, building the legacy I was born for. 

Come on, we are not doing things by the book here! I know you want to be part of the cool mums club…

I am here to...


💫 Support & grow your business to bring in $$$

💫 Embody ultimate confidence & self-love

💫 Create more balance & fun in your life

💫 Heal wounds & beliefs to remove blocks

💫 Make your own rules, parent your way

💫 Live that dream life & smash your goals

My Approach

The Modern Mother Cycle


Welcome to my holistic approach that explores the interconnectedness of the mind, body & soul to improve your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. I am here to guide you through a journey of self discovery into self development, where you take the steps to improve your mindset, health & soul connection to overcome bad habits & grow to your full potential.

As mothers we can often feel overwhelmed, fatigued, lack of motivation & low self-confidence. Society pushes us to be ‘the perfect mum’, the CEO, run a household, raise obedient children & still have time to meditate leaving us feeling stressed, not enough & confused about life. This approach is not a one-size-fits all, it's not about restricting or discipline, it's about discovering what works for you, what nourishes you on all levels & what ultimately makes your life extraordinary.

My teachings are grounded in Indian philosophy, cultivated during my time living in Kerala & are blended with the practicalities of living in western culture, empowering you to weave rituals, develop a growth mindset & fresh perspective into your motherhood journey.

Accessing your intuition so you can parent your way, embodying new-found confidence & smashing your goals will become your new normal.

My Philosophy

We are balanced
We are confident
We are empowered
We are visionary

We are here to provide authentic, intuitive coaching that considers you and your unique needs. We are here to support your goals, action your plan & encourage your development with strong foundations

We are not striving for perfection here, we are making our own rules, to live our own way. Always bringing a modern, timeless approach, we help you carve a unique path for you and your business to grow.

My Community

We are a community of women, exploring what it means to be a mother in 2022.

We have made a conscious decision to learn more about ourselves, take action, raise our confidence, connect with others & are motivated to achieve.

We are trailblazers, here to make a difference in the world, heal our wounds so we can parent consciously and empower our children.

Our clients and community includes humans of all race, colour, religion & LGBTIQA+. From all walks of life, different circumstances yet all growing together within a space we are proud of.

Join us, we are changing the world, one step at a time.

My credentials / recognised certifications:

  • BA Hons Media, Communications & Culture 

  • Integrative Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach (IIN HTCP) 

  • Accreditation with the UK Health Coach Association 

  • Breath Teacher (in training)

  • Life Coach (accreditation with ICF, in training)

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I am here to empower you to accept yourself, realign your life, and access deep fulfilment in motherhood.

Join us, we are changing the world, one step at a time.