Being a Mother & CEO

my journal Feb 23, 2022


I have less time to work and more jobs on my to-do list so how does being a mother make me a better CEO?   


When Mylo turned 1, I felt like I wanted more for myself, my career was far from over, I had spent 3 years at university & 6 years working in London, followed by a soul-led trip to India that changed my life, my perspective and accelerated my journey of self-development & inner healing. Now Mylo is 3.5 years old, I am building my dream, something for myself, a business that plays on my strengths & my experience whilst also serving my purpose, to support other women. Your identity shifts so deeply in the passage of maiden to mother, it’s a beautiful, nurturing time in your life, as my son gets older it gives me some space to follow my own dreams and live my purpose.  

Being a Mother gives me more purpose and drive to succeed, being the CEO of my business gives me a role that is self-fulfilling, creative and gives me a degree of flexibility so if my son needs me, I can be there. He gives meaning to everything I do, keeps me present & is my ultimate guide. I have a vision board for him and all the experiences I want him to have in life, my business plays a vital part in that, the more successful I become the more I can share with my son and show him the world.  

There is synergy between my family values & my business values, they make me a more reliable, trustworthy role model in both. I became more efficient & realistic with my time, I will prioritise and time block my calendar so I am focused when in work mode & ensure my full presence with Mylo when its our time. The awareness in my body grew stronger, you cannot predict a sleepless night so when fatigue kicks in you need to listen, slow down and replenish your mind & body. I rely on a balanced diet, breathwork & supplements like Ayurvedic – chyawanprash (it restores drained reserves of life force (ojas) and preserves strength, stamina, and vitality. I now reserve time for self-care during the day when my son is at nursery, it could be taking a walk whilst listening to a podcast, seeing a friend for lunch or simply lying down and resting.  It’s a balance, everyone’s looks different.   

My Advice to other Mothers:  

Becoming a mother & CEO is an honour, it changes you in more ways than you think believable, you have to be resilient, adaptable, focused & organised. It requires you stepping into your power, exercising boundaries & ultimately believing in yourself. It’s a process, there is no end but there are always milestones that deserve celebration, it might be overcoming a night of teething or winning a new client they are both as important, don’t de-value the small things, they all count in this mountain climb.


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